ACI Sidebar

ACI Sidebar is an app for Android. Once installed, you may activate up to three different sidebars: Apps, Contacts, Information. Each sidebar can be activated individually and allows direct access to often used content.
ACI Sidebar


  • Use the sidebar dashboard to enable the sidebars you need
  • Drag the small sliders on the screen side to open the sidebars
  • The sliders use an display overlay, thus they are always visible
  • Open the sidebars with only one swipe from everywhere
  • Customize the sidebar position, theme and much more

App Sidebar

Provides instant access to all your apps. To find apps faster, you may organize the apps in groups, on which can be navigated in the sidebar.
App Sidebar


  • Create individual app groups
  • Navigate through groups with horizontal swipes
  • Order apps inside groups alphabetically or user defined
  • Auto add new installed apps
  • Filter apps with the integrated search function
  • Double tap an app to open app info

Contact Sidebar

Have your contacts always available. You will never have to go back to your homescreen to open your contacts.

Contact Sidebar


  • All contacs are only one swipe away
  • Toggle between all contacts and favorite contacts
  • Single tap a contact to open contact details
  • Double tap a contact to start a direct dial
  • Filter contacts with the integrated search function

Info Sidebar

Add small widgets to the sidebar to get started. Customize the info sidebar according to your needs.

Info Sidebar


  • Different widgets for specific informations: System Info, Calendar Agenda, Favorite Contacts, Recent Media, Call History, Movies
  • Click on a widget to open more detailed apps, e.g. click an event in the calendar widget to open your favorite calendar app
  • Fullscreen on mobile, sidebar on tablets


The ACI Sidebar uses several permissions, but most of them are only required for specific functions. Thus, you only need to grant the permissions for the features you want to use (Android 6.0 and up).

  • READ_CALENDAR: Used in the info sidebar. Only required for the calendar widget to read calendar events.
  • READ_CONTACTS: Used in the info sidebar for the favorite contacts widget and in the contact sidebar.
  • WRITE_CONTACTS: Used in the contact sidebar to mark the primary number when the direct dial feature is used.
  • CALL_PHONE: Used in the contact sidebar only when the direct dial feature is used.
  • READ_CALL_LOG: Used in the info sidebar for the call history widget.
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Used in the info sidebar for the recent media widget to load the last images and/or movies.
  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Used to render a display overlay which is required for the small sliders on the screen side.
  • VIBRATE: Used when a sidebar is being opened.
  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Used to display the small sliders on the screen side after boot is completed.
  • INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Used in the info sidebar for the movies widget to load data.
  • BILLING and WAKE_LOCK: Used for in app billing and Google Analytics if not disabled.