Lockscreen Observer

Are you concerned that someone might access your phone without your knowlegde? When you’ve just briefly left the room, while you’re asleep or you lose your phone? Play it safe and find it out! Lockscreen Observer takes a picture with your front camera whenever a wrong PIN code is being entered. Receive the photo and the current location of your device via email.


Lockscreen Observer comes with a lot of features, these are the most important.

Lockscreen Observer
  • The app takes pictures with your phone’s front camera whenever a false access PIN code has just been entered
  • Also determines the (GPS) location if a picture is taken
  • Send photos and the location via email or simply store this data on your phone
  • Set the number of failed access attempts after which a picture is being taken
  • Display notification in the status bar whenever a new photo is available
  • Our widget will inform you as soon as a new photo is available
  • App reacts to false entry of either PIN code, pattern or even your phone’s finger-print sensor!
  • Since most of the photos will probably be of yourself (when you mistype the code), you hereby also get a nice selfie app

Take a picture when the correct PIN code is entered

It is also possible to have Lockscreen Observer take a picture when the correct PIN code has been entered. So, should someone have found out the correct PIN code after various failed attempts, then you’ll be notified and get a picture.

See How to take a picture when the correct PIN code is entered


Lockscreen Observer widgets
  • CAMERA: Permission to access the camera, in order to take pictures with your phone’s front camera.
  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (GPS): Get the location of your device, when a photo is being taken.
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Photos can be shared with other apps. For this to be possible, the photos have to be temporarily saved in the external storage.
  • GET_ACCOUNTS: Photos can be sent via a local Gmail account. The selection of the desired Gmail account is made in the settings of the app, for which this permission is needed.
  • USE_CREDENTIALS: Required in order to send mails and connect to the smtp-server (mailserver). The connection is established with an authentication token, instead of having to authenticate with username and password.
  • INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Required to send mails and display a little ad. Google Analytics also uses this permission. We use Google Analytics in order to identify potential issues. You may disable the use of Google Analytics via the app settings.

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